• Come and eat fishes at Mimice's!

    Come and eat fishes at Mimice's!

  • Since 1945. Traditonal quick meal!

    Since 1945. Traditonal quick meal!

  • Come and enjoy our traditional meals!

    Come and enjoy our traditional meals!

About Us

“Let’s go and eat some fishes at Mimice’s?” – a phrase that has been pronounced for over 60 years by the Zagrebers and Zagreb’s visitors best describes what we are and what we are presenting.
Some call us a buffet, some say fast food and some restaurant, whatever you call usyou know what we are presenting – a place where you can eat a quality and affordable fish dish standing up.
We are at our present location since 1945, at first we have been working as a wine cellar and 4 years later we started offering fast seafood snacks you can eat while standing up. And so to this day.
Everybody in Zagreb and beyond knows for us, we are a traditional destination and very famous among the people.

We only hire women since we exist, so every meal we make – is made with love. At the helm of Mimica (in the service of his female employees) is Ante Mimica, who succeeded in managing this business from his father named Ante, and hopes that his son will inherit him, also named – Ante.
The main ingredient of all meals is fresh and quality fish, a recipe that we have been guarding and keeping for over 70 years. And the winning recipe does not change. In addition to the fish (sprats, smelts, squid/kalamari, hakes, mackerel and sardines) we offer french fries, bread and various salads that go well with fish (potato salad, salad beans, salsa…). Wine perfectly goes with fish, and we also offer juices, water …

Some say that the interior looks old-fashioned and outdated, we can somewhat agree with them because the only part that has changed significantly is the toilet (recently renovated). But we think it’s nice for old visitors to return a couple of years in the past and visit Mimice as they were before. For new visitors, we can look at the past as it looked 20, 30 or 50 years ago …

And in conclusion – let’s go and eat some fishes at Mimice’s! Welcome!

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What you say

  • My family of four (including kids) had a really nice time here. They have children-sized meals.

    Nice family place

    Cozy ambient, great kalamari and laidback service.

    Would recommend!

  • Didnt expect much given the place interior, but the food is really good. Plus – really modern toilets!

    Nice and clean, good food

    Affordable and quick meal. Really nice and old-school atmosfere!

    Great meal!